Monday, October 22, 2012

Blizzard Bag Day 2


Please read each of the following questions and thoroughly answer them. Each answer should be no less than 75 words.   Once you have completed the questions, please post the answers in Mr. Giessler’s blog space.
Mr. Giessler will then read them and provide you with three follow-up questions tailored strictly for you, which he will post on the blog.  When the follow up questions are posted, you will need to provide responses to those questions, once again on the blog.   
Finally, you will be required to read at least three other students comments, and comment on them in the blog.    

The Questions:

1.     What obligation do the news media have to report the news in a timely manner?  How would you define “a timely manner.”  Is there such thing as too fast?
2.     If a news organization makes a mistake, do they have an obligation to correct that mistake?
3.     If yes, what steps do they need to take to correct that mistake?
4.     Should news outlets be allowed to present opinions?  If yes, then how should those opinions be presented?  If no, why not?
5.     Where do you get most of your news information?  Why does that outlet appeal to you?
6.     What news outlet appeals to you the least? Why?
7.     With new technology and faster communication, what do you think the news’ strongest advantages are in these times?
8.     With those same technology improvements, what part of the news has suffered the most?
9.     Do you feel there is one news outlet that does the best work?  If so, which?
10. Do you feel there is one news outlet that does the worst work?  If so, which? 

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